Ceramic Coating: The Best Way to Keep Your Vehicle Looking Like New

We offer protective ceramic coating that will keep any vehicle looking like brand new for many years to come.

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Over time, the sun can break down factory clear coat, combined with pollutants that settle on your vehicle’s surface, introducing oxidation and eventually fading your paint. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating adds a layer of protection that chemically bonds to the clear coat surface providing an impermeable layer between your vehicle and the elements.

Every region of the world has unique weather challenges for vehicles – water, sand, salt, snow and heat. The density and resilience of Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating provides the ultimate layer of protection against fretting, sliding wear, erosion, abrasion, galling, hot gases and corrosive liquids brought on by nature or man-made.

Spring rains bring higher levels of nitric and sulfuric acid not only to rainfall but to moisture in the air. When this moisture evaporates it leaves an acidic residue behind that can break down your clear coat and paint. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle, creating an impermeable bond on your car’s surface.

A myriad of industrial pollutants are being pumped into our atmosphere and settling on any surface they can bond with, creating compounding deposits on the roads and in our soil. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating creates a Hydrophobic layer between your vehicle and the heavy metals, preventing oxidation, deterioration, and freely rinsing away.

Bird droppings contain an extraordinarily high level of uric acid, which quickly eats through traditional vehicle waxes and clear coats, damaging the paint below. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle, by creating a permanent, impenetrable layer of protectant that is more dense and resilient than wax or polymers.

Tree sap is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful adhesives. Combined with the sun on your vehicle’s surface, tree sap can pull the clear coat off, and potentially etch your vehicle surface, revealing the paint below to the elements. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating provides a layer of protection that won’t allow sap to adhere.

Pricing & Warranty

Contact us today and we’ll help you determine what type of protection is best for you.

1 Year Warranty Protection – $999.00

3 Year Warranty protection – $1,250.00

5 Year Warranty Protection – $1,650.00

7 Year Warranty Protection – $1,950.00


If the ceramic coating product fails to protect the paint of the vehicle to which it has been applied from permanent damage by weather induced fading, weather induced chalking, weather induced loss of gloss, acid rain, bird waste, tree sap, insect damage (including love bugs), sun’s UV rays, hard water spots, de-icing agents/road salt, ocean spray, brake dust, rail dust, paint overspray, and fuel stains, we will (1) pay to repair the damaged, treated surface of the vehicle using industry-standard detailing techniques, and (2) will pay to re-apply appearance protection product to the affected surface, at no cost to you. Under no circumstances will we pay for repainting or replacement of affected surfaces, nor will we pay for the cost of alternate transportation while your vehicle is being repaired.

Ceramic coating shields a vehicle

You’re proud of your car or truck – as you very well should be. You want to keep your investment looking like new for years to come, but don’t want to spend hour after hour applying wax several times a year. You don’t also want to compromise on sealant, which also demands regular reapplication and doesn’t create nearly as satisfying a shine.

So what do you do? You treat your fine vehicle to a protective layer of ceramic coating!

Craft Auto Body & Detail Centers ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer. When we expertly apply ceramic coating by hand, it’s going to stand up to the harshest Midwestern elements for many years to come – no maintenance required.

Ceramic coating shields a vehicle against road grime, water staining, bird “leavings,” and all the other common substances on the road which can damage your automobile. The water repellent barrier created by our ceramic coating will preserve your paint job and make cleaning your ride as easy as giving it a quick rinse.


Keep your vehicle shielded with us

Craft Auto Body & Detail Centers team is well-versed in all the best ceramic coating practices, and we’re familiar with any type of vehicle that can benefit from the treatment. When we shield your car, it’s going to stay shielded. We want our customers to look good out on the road!

Alejandra – Trained Certified Ceramic Coating Installer

Also ask about our paint protection film services!

Our self-healing clear bra will protect your vehicle from stone chips, insect splatters and damage from abrasion for many years to come!

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